Our relationship with our work is obviously important.  It's also complex.  Like any important relationship, it will significantly benefit from regular exploration and improving awareness. It will also suffer if neglected or taken for granted.

It is a major challenge to examine this relationship alone - to look honestly in the mirror - particularly if exploring an important area, perhaps involving a critical decision, ambition, performance, transition or even survival. 

My coaching is designed to support and enhance this exploration, clarify issues and requirements and put in place realistic frameworks for sustainable action, uniquely appropriate for each individual client. 

It is a one-to-one, confidential, collaborative, and committed relationship, conducted over a number of short sessions.  Feedback is honest, supportive and constructive and the only agenda being served is yours, the client's.  Built on peer-reviewed and evidence-based international research,  it increases individual effectiveness and impact.

It encourages clients to overcome difficulties impeding performance and to frame and accomplish objectives by looking beyond the immediately obvious to explore, design and craft useful and appropriate new awareness, behaviours, skills and ideas.

Results are tangible.

Executive Coaching is routine in Fortune 500 corporations - because it works!

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