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Welcome. I hope you find something of interest here.

I usually work with individuals and teams in a business, organisational or work context.  I focus them on using and developing their own knowledge and experience, their technical, communication and thinking skills together with their unique character and personality traits to make them more effective or to make the changes they desire. This makes a difference.  It benefits individuals in increased personal satisfaction and motivation. It benefits the business/organisation as performance is enhanced. 

Because of the confidentiality around the whole coaching process, and because it can help change perspective, the coaching sessions often take place away from the working environment.

Of course, this work is just as valuable outside an organisational context, and I frequently coach individuals in a personal context also.

It seems obligatory these days to insist one is passionate about one's work.  To be honest, I think passion, which must blow hot and cold, is a bit unreliable.  My work is very important to me and I find it compelling and fulfilling. I hope a consistent, professional approach, relying on skill, research, support and commitment rather than passion, serves both my clients and myself best. Without wanting to sound too dry, that is what I focus on delivering.

I feel I should also point out that I'm not very comfortable with the kind of self-promotion involved in a website like this.  Because I believe the service I deliver is valuable and worthwhile, and I want to continue delivering it as much as possible, this website is necessary and hopefully worth the effort.

My background is in software development for 35 years.  Prior to that, I spent a few interesting years in the music business.  In 1990 I started a software company developing systems for solicitors, and later hospices.  This proved successful and we became the market leader in a very competitive segment.  In 2009 I stepped down as CEO, but continued as a non-executive director and doing some ad-hoc project work with the company for six years.

At first glance, the connection between software engineering/development and executive coaching might not be obvious.  It may be a little clearer when you consider that a large part of my work over all of those 35 years involved bringing significant change to people in their work - and helping them adjust to that change so that it was useful and the investment generated a return. 

In truth, the part of that work that I have enjoyed most is implementation and training and it has always given me particular pleasure when I see "the lights go on" for my clients - when they really understand the reasoning behind the changes brought by our software, and integrate those changes with enthusiasm into their work.  I now get the same reward from seeing the discoveries my coaching clients make while defining, refining and achieving objectives. 

I have been doing consulting, mentoring and coaching work for some years.  I trained as an Executive Coach with the Irish Management Institute/UCC (Masters Diploma).  I am in a professional coaching supervision program and I'm a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Coaching.  I trained as a Workplace Mindfulness teacher with The Mindfulness Exchange in the UK (a commercial offshoot of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre - one of the foremost mindfulness research facilities in the world).  I am also a fully trained Mediator.