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Welcome - I'm now retired

Thank you for visiting my website.  I have now retired. I've been a professional Executive and Leadership Coach and Workplace Mindfulness Teacher for several years.  I've worked with a wide variety of organisations and individuals in commercial, technology, professional and NGO sectors.  I can tell you from experience that coaching is a great idea, whether you feel stuck, are confronted with difficult choices or, most powerfully, as a regular support and sounding board - impartial, unbiased and objective.  You are welcome to have a look around this site to get an idea of how it might help with your own inner work - thinking, re-thinking, re-modelling, refining.  If you are looking for a good coach, I suggest either of the following links:


A way of seeing things to manage Focus, Stress & more

The Stress and Focus benefits of Mindfulness practice are well documented. Research is now also describing a lot of other benefits, particularly in the workplace.  

It can be tempting to dismiss Mindfulness as a fad, or alternative.  But our minds govern so much of us.


If you want to get familiar with what's going on in your mind (and body), moment to moment - most of which you are seldom, if ever, aware of - it makes simple sense to sit and observe it.


That's where Mindfulness starts.


Focused Support & Enquiry for Clarity and Development

What's next? The toolkit you bring to challenges and decisions includes your own knowledge, experiences, skills, vision, motivation, resilience, style and signature. 

This often serves you well, but not always.  This is completely normal!


My coaching supports exploration, discovery and  focus to help you clarify and refine your direction and approach, to identify development opportunities and work on enhancing your own professional and personal effectiveness.

EI Development

Emotional Intelligence Skills & Awareness

Like it or not, it's clear from extensive research that our emotions have a major influence on our behaviour and performance.  The Emotional Intelligence (EI) model provides a proven framework to explore and improve our skills in this area.


These skills help us manage both ourselves and our interaction with others. High levels of Emotional Intelligence are identified with successful leaders in a wide variety of contexts.  

This is a useful part of my toolkit, often part of the coaching process.